INOVATIV’group is a communication company specializing in Mobile LED Display (Full HD). It is a company with a multinational vocation whose core target is innovation and technological monitoring within the communication and advertising professions.

With its new-generation advertising network, INOVATIV’group focuses its activity on trends and Mobile HD LED Display technologies capable of meeting the need for awareness, visibility and positioning of its clients’ brands.

INOVATIV’group is resolutely committed to the success of advertising campaigns and events in the CÔTE D’IVOIRE. By bringing the image, offers and ambitions of our clients to the masses with unparalleled speed and proximity.

Choosing INOVATIV’group means opting for innovation and difference. It also means choosing a professional equipped to reflect your positioning and visibility ambitions through a Technology whose impact and influence are no longer to be proven.

We are temporarily located in Abidjan precisely in Abobo Kennedy Cosmos. But we want to relocate to VITIB (Village of Information Technology and Biotechnology), the free zone that the government has dedicated to companies operating in ICT and environmentally friendly (eco-friendly).

You can contact us at the different contacts (Phone, Emails, Social Networks) provided on our site and an interlocutor will be pleased to satisfy you.

Yes, we can say that INOVATIV’group, although it has innovative supports and contrary to what one might be tempted to believe, has also focused on social issues. Indeed, social is one of our priorities. We have several packages of customized offers intended for all sizes of companies in order to accompany them in their ambitions and their positioning. Contact us and you will be satisfied.

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